Innovative technology announcement, press release-"Green Paper"

Innovative technology announcement, press release-"Green Paper"

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(Summary description)Innovative technology, publicity of completely independent intellectual property rights, press releases-a "green paper" for the green revolution of electrical contacts

Innovative technology announcement, press release-"Green Paper"

(Summary description)Innovative technology, publicity of completely independent intellectual property rights, press releases-a "green paper" for the green revolution of electrical contacts

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Innovative technology, publicity of completely independent intellectual property rights, press releases-a "green paper" for the green revolution of electrical contacts

One, safety first:

1. Involving various fields at home and abroad (national defense, military industry, aerospace, etc.), industries, and units, from the head of state to the life and property of civilians, the safety of the country is the security of the country! Deepen the reform, the banner of technological innovation, grasp the outline of electric power safety production, and include the safety of all kinds of power and electrical circuits into the national security agenda!

2. It is necessary to lay a solid foundation for safe production in the entire network of various power systems, electrical (apparatus) equipment, and circuits! Electrical contacts (connectors) are the foundation of the unavoidable foundation! People will consciously or unconsciously put themselves in In the various accidents and disasters caused by the "contact overheating" fault and the vicious circle, this must arouse great attention from the party, government departments, and the media!

3. Eliminate as soon as possible the redness, burnout, burnout, short circuit, and burnout of electrical equipment caused by "electrical contact overheating", the power supply is terminated, the line loss is greatly increased (the key point of energy saving), and the aircraft is lost Joint, ship sinking, train collision, electrical fire, bus "spontaneous combustion" and other electrical accidents and disasters! National defense consolidation, national unity, social harmony, happiness and safety for all, why not do it?!

Second, safety first must be guided by correct theory:

1. According to history and tradition: poor contact; weak electrical contacts (joints); oxidation, corrosion (electrical, chemical corrosion), etc., the temperature of electrical contacts (joints) is higher than (exceeds) the temperature of its conductors (wires) The theory of "electric contact overheating" is not in line with the actual situation on site! The so-called oxidation and corrosion cause electrical contacts to overheat, and it is a habitual error that the causality is reversed! In the theoretical guidance of "electric contact overheating", Under the misleading of the media, the mistakes of the past are repeated constantly, and the “overheating” circle has not been jumped out! The “overheating of electrical contacts” has become an old and difficult problem, a “trend” of habitual errors, and a “cancer” that is difficult to cure all over the world!

2. Continuous exploration, repeated inspection, reverse thinking, gradual improvement and independent innovation from decades of first-line production practice: the temperature at the electrical contact (joint) has been lower than (not exceeding) the temperature of its conductor (wire) by 5% for a long time The above, as the definition of "not overheating electrical contacts", and the "four basic principles" created to eliminate overheating of electrical contacts, it has been found in many years of practice from the "surface phenomenon" of oxidation and corrosion. The "real cause" of "electric contact overheating", straighten out the "causality", and further grasp the "main contradiction", so dare to subvert the historical, traditional, habitual error "electric contact overheating" theory and concept!

3. Safety first, with correct theoretical guidance, exit the exercise as soon as possible, focus on prevention, treat the symptoms but not the root cause, make up for the dead, and take a new path of "overheating electrical contacts" that is not an example. The "contact overheating" disaster is not too difficult! The key is who will take the lead in taking a new path!

Three, safety first must be guaranteed by reliable technology:

1. My invention patent for "a method to eliminate overheating of electrical contacts", which is unique to China in the world (International Pickup Report), combined with the above-mentioned theory of "four basic principles" for eliminating overheating of electrical contacts, and The scientific and technological achievements and intellectual property rights of the "six requirements" technology (see China Renyi Electric Network, Weibo, WeChat, and WeChat Official Accounts) in one fell swoop have overcome since the invention of electricity by foreigners, in the safe production of electricity, "electric contacts are overheated "This international problem!

2. Starting from the concept of "not overheating", address both symptoms and root causes, starting from education and training, design and manufacturing, installation and inspection, before power-on and put into operation, one-time, once and for all, to build "not overheating electrical contacts" power systems, electrical (device) equipment, and circuits Brand new large and small networks, gradually transform the original "overheated" type of old systems and networks, and eliminate all kinds of accidents and disasters caused by overheating of electrical contacts as soon as possible!

Four, the revolution of electrical contacts, the standard bearer of the revolution:

From the historical, traditional, and habitual mistakes of "electrical contacts overheating" to the concept of "electrical contacts that are not too hot", it is itself a green technological revolution! The state's protection of intellectual property rights is a driving force for subverting traditional ideas. For a full-body (global) scientific and technological innovation project, the Prime Minister said at the Tianjin Davos Forum that the government should help promote it! Another new road of "overheating electrical contacts" has long been a standard bearer of revolution!

Five, comprehensively promote innovative scientific and technological achievements based on the policy of "awareness enhancement, concept change, technology implementation, and training in place":

1. Raise the awareness of "electrical contact overheating" to the level of safety first, life is critical, people-oriented, and serving the people. From knowing that the prevention of electrical fires is impossible to prevent, cure the symptoms and not the root cause, change to root and eliminate the roots, cure the symptoms and root causes, and combine fire protection! And from the habit of focusing on high-precision and cutting-edge concepts, changing to a solid foundation. (In any high-precision field at home and abroad, no one can do without electricity! Don't ignore the foundation in the foundation of electrical contacts), implement the correct theory, mature and convenient and feasible technical methods to national standards, regulations, and large-scale In the technical secondary school textbooks and instruction books, all personnel involved in electrical safety are trained in place. Use the "sixteen-character policy" to comprehensively promote scientific and technological achievements in our country!

2 Army before civilians: Science and technology are first used in national defense industry, military facilities, aerospace, aircraft carriers, submarines, military vehicles, tanks, fighters, space stations (sea, land and air, space), large civil aircraft, passenger ships, high-speed railways, buses, and countries Various (a) power grids, and high-precision new technologies, petrochemicals, light and heavy industries, agriculture, household appliances (electrical products of various sizes), etc., make all two current-carrying conductors (lines) in the network contact The temperature of electrical contacts and joints are all lower than (not exceeding) the temperature of their conductors and wires, which completely eliminates all kinds of accidents and disasters caused by "electrical contacts overheating", and enters a new era of "overheated electrical contacts" as soon as possible!

3. First at home and then abroad: the Chinese nation is rejuvenated and the technology is leading! Once Made in China is injected into the core basic theoretical technology and intellectual property explored from practice, it will be upgraded to Created in China. The rules and standards are set by China! Who do you think is copying? Tomorrow Who surpasses whom? The country’s exports of heavy equipment, basic advice, high-speed rail, power grids, civilian products, military weapons, and military equipment all have completely independent intellectual property rights. China’s "Four Great Inventions" only represent the past glory and are in the world. Today with a high degree of development and global integration, China cannot be alone. It is only natural that China's innovative technology will lead the world's technology trend again. The civilization and nation that have been thousands of years old are rejuvenating, and the "Belt and Road" is seeking common development. A great country, should make more contributions to all mankind! I have no shirk of responsibility!

(Can jointly organize relevant ministries and science and technology departments to conduct academic discussions, debates, press releases, and innovative technology can be publicized globally (15 foreign language versions have been introduced and registered on the World Patent Network, etc.). If I personally post, the last sentence Yes; if you post from your perspective, delete the last sentence, thank you)


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119 Safety and firefighting must be done practically. "Superconductivity" cannot solve man-made disasters such as electrical fires!

119 Safety and firefighting must be done practically. "Superconductivity" cannot solve man-made disasters such as electrical fires!

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Pay special attention to the power safety revolution forum, Mount Everest on electricity-to solve the mystery of a century of electrical disasters and man-made disasters in the world! Solve and eradicate the global problems of air disasters, fires and spontaneous combustion from the source of electricity! Look at the Tianbang in Nanchong and Niuhuang Wan in Chengdu, one of China's ribs. In decades of production practice, how to continuously explore, repeatedly test, reverse thinking, gradually improve, and independently innovative scientific and technological achievements. This intellectual property, which is unique to China in the world, is completely independent, and is sent to the country free of charge. Take a look at the folk "Lao Lai Le", defying academic authority, summoning conscience, calling for revolution, and creating a unique world, how to overcome electrical disasters and man-made disasters, this worldwide problem! Special reminder: This is just advice and advice, not an advertisement. If you believe in an advertisement, or listen to advice and advice, it's up to you. This is a matter of folk merit. Advice and advice do not ask for compensation, do not ask for likes, do not want to be Internet celebrities, improper celebrities, just because of professional responsibility, just because I see someone killed by an electrical disaster, my conscience is also disturbed. WeChat friends, and their respective media think this is positive energy and a good thing. You can be busy reprinting and disseminating the original text (the original propaganda and promotion are not for profit, and I am responsible for mistakes). If the national media wants to propagate and disseminate, first declare: this is not advertising! Without money, who can do it?

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History, tradition, and habit believe that: poor contact; weak electrical contacts (joints); electrical contacts whose temperature is higher than (exceeds) the temperature of its conductor (line). The theoretical concept of "electrical contacts overheating" is wrong! It is believed that oxidative corrosion (chemical, electrical corrosion) caused the "electrical contact overheating", which reverses the causality! Please go to the China Renyi Electric Platform (challenge) for academic discussion and debate!



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