Electric Power Technology Revolution [Pioneer Officer] Invitation letter

Electric Power Technology Revolution [Pioneer Officer] Invitation letter

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Electric Power Technology Revolution [Pioneer Officer] Invitation letter

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Innovation is not about birth, and heroes do not matter where they come from; for the public, for the people, pragmatic, never hesitate, and never avoid dangers; (safety first, science and technology as guarantee) people-oriented, people first, life first! With the imperial decree and the Fangjian, the electric power technology revolution that subverts the traditional (electrical contact overheating) and the wrong basic concept should be led by the State Council’s Work Safety Committee and chaired by Liu He [Revealing the List]: "Consolidate the foundation of electric power public safety, address both symptoms and root causes Solve from the source [electrical contact overheating] caused: air disasters, fires, "spontaneous combustion", etc., electrical disasters and man-made disasters"!
    In decades of practice, continuous exploration, repeated testing, reverse thinking, and gradual improvement, the scientific and technological achievements of Chengdu unearthed and self-selected topics are unique to China in the world, completely independent of the intellectual property rights of the "not hot electrical contacts", and conquered in one fell swoop [ Overheating of electrical contacts] a worldwide problem that causes various electrical disasters! The trumpeters of the electric power technology revolution, the pioneers who unveiled the rankings, have the sword, the imperial decree, and the military orders. The Chengdu revolution and the revolution are both successful. This is the political achievement of the party and the country. Everyone has the same electricity and uses electricity, and you, me and him (public servants and civil servants) have peace of mind!
    Go to the [China Renyi Electric] platform [Everest on Electric] arena, discuss, debate, and attack, the basic theory and technology are wrong, I am responsible!


Today talks about: Solving various electrical disasters from the source of electricity -

Mount Everest on Electricity [Today's Talk]: The difference between "heating" and "overheating"; the three stages of "Electrical Contact Overheating":

119 Safety and firefighting must be done practically. "Superconductivity" cannot solve man-made disasters such as electrical fires!

119 Safety and firefighting must be done practically. "Superconductivity" cannot solve man-made disasters such as electrical fires!

Pay special attention to the power safety revolution forum, and Mount Everest discusses electricity-to solve the mystery of a century of electrical disasters in the world of man-made disasters! Solve and eradicate the global ...

Pay special attention to the power safety revolution forum, Mount Everest on electricity-to solve the mystery of a century of electrical disasters and man-made disasters in the world! Solve and eradicate the global problems of air disasters, fires and spontaneous combustion from the source of electricity! Look at the Tianbang in Nanchong and Niuhuang Wan in Chengdu, one of China's ribs. In decades of production practice, how to continuously explore, repeatedly test, reverse thinking, gradually improve, and independently innovative scientific and technological achievements. This intellectual property, which is unique to China in the world, is completely independent, and is sent to the country free of charge. Take a look at the folk "Lao Lai Le", defying academic authority, summoning conscience, calling for revolution, and creating a unique world, how to overcome electrical disasters and man-made disasters, this worldwide problem! Special reminder: This is just advice and advice, not an advertisement. If you believe in an advertisement, or listen to advice and advice, it's up to you. This is a matter of folk merit. Advice and advice do not ask for compensation, do not ask for likes, do not want to be Internet celebrities, improper celebrities, just because of professional responsibility, just because I see someone killed by an electrical disaster, my conscience is also disturbed. WeChat friends, and their respective media think this is positive energy and a good thing. You can be busy reprinting and disseminating the original text (the original propaganda and promotion are not for profit, and I am responsible for mistakes). If the national media wants to propagate and disseminate, first declare: this is not advertising! Without money, who can do it?

Special attention should be paid to national power safety in summer

History, tradition, and habit believe that: poor contact; weak electrical contacts (joints); electrical contacts whose temperature is higher than (exceeds) the temperature of its conductor (line). The theoretical concept of "electrical contacts overheating" is wrong! It is believed that oxidative corrosion (chemical, electrical corrosion) caused the "electrical contact overheating", which reverses the causality! Please go to the China Renyi Electric Platform (challenge) for academic discussion and debate!



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