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Consolidate the foundation of electric power public safety, treat both symptoms and root causes, and solve from the source

Consolidate the foundation of electric power public safety, treat both symptoms and root causes, and solve various electrical disasters such as electrical fires from the source! Green Paper China Renyi Electric Cross-border, cross-discipline, cross-field, due to the traditional erroneous basic concepts of [electrical contact overheating], the world’s problems of air disasters, fires, "spontaneous combustion", etc., various electrical disasters and man-made disasters have long been unearthed and chosen by Chengdu. Subject: The scientific and technological achievements that subvert the traditional erroneous concepts, the world's only China's unique and completely independent intellectual property rights (not hot electric contacts) are conquered in one fell swoop! To After decades of practice, continuous exploration, repeated testing, reverse thinking, gradual improvement of scientific and technological achievements, and completely independent intellectual property rights: non-party members give the party’s centenary birthday gift (who will receive it)? Can't soldiers be sent to the Chinese army? (Strategic significance) Chinese citizens should have sent their life's scientific and technological achievements to the country. Before the two sessions last year, you were over 60 years old, non-expert academician, and you were not qualified to participate in major national science and technology (research) projects!     Although it is said that "heroes do not ask where they come from, let whoever can do it"! The country has not approved the project, the government has not listed the "imperial list", the director of the safety committee is still busy with the US business negotiations, electric power public security, who is still in charge? [Revealing the list and taking command] Where do you start? ! The 14th Five-Year Plan. National economic development, national defense consolidation, high-precision science and technology...From the head of state to the common people, no one can do without electricity. Electrical disasters have nothing to do with others? (Foreigners have the same fate) Unconsciously exposed to various electrical disasters without waking up? National security, science and technology, propaganda and other ministries and commissions: They have an unshirkable responsibility for consolidating the foundation of electric power public safety, awakening the people, and increasing the sense of security! With less advertising, why not do this without forgetting the advice and advice of the original (good) heart? Safety first! ("Money" shouldn't be the first) To consolidate the foundation of electric power public safety, the state establishes a project, and the State Council's Work Safety Committee takes the lead: the 16-character policy of awareness raising, concept change, technology implementation, and training in place, State Grid first implement! With the highly advanced technology and the ability to go to other planets today, electrical fires and other electrical disasters on the earth cannot be solved? Big joke! In fact, it is not difficult for China to find out the real cause and grasp the main contradiction. Who discusses electricity safety in so many forums? Organize the Forum on Power Security Revolution in the birthplace of the power technology revolution (Chengdu revolution, the revolution is successful): This is a professional responsibility and a good thing! It is a fact of serving the people (and also for yourself)! This is a benefit for the present and for the future! A great deed of immense merit! The arena to be built on the top of Mount Everest [Everest on Electricity] will be set up in Chengdu, and the world will be invited to really want to solve electrical disasters: politicians and people of insight from various countries will discuss, debate, and fight! Can't find the root cause, listen to me! Foreign countries can’t do it, look at Chinese solutions, and learn from Chinese technology! However, you have to pay some intellectual property protection fees (we can’t always pay to foreign countries). For countries where foreign heads of state come to the forum, when intellectual property rights are transferred, the fee can be calculated at 50%) Subvert the traditional wrong concept, lead a whole-body (global) green power technology revolution, the standard bearer is in China! In the great changes in the world's century-old pattern: World leader Xi Jinping is the only leader who can lead the new trend of the global power technology revolution, build a community of shared future for power public safety, and take a new path (but hot electric contacts)! Everyone in the world has the same electricity and level safety! You, me, and his conscience are at peace!  



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